VÍTOR ANTUNES Spring/Summer 2019

#OneToWatch from ModaLisboa – SANGUE NOVO! Vítor Antunes was born in 1992, in Quarteira. He studied art, management and fashion, making a connection between creation and his entrepreneurial side. From an early age, he needs to express his vision. He began by writing, composing and producing music, but it was in fashion design that he found his sense, having created, in the past, his own clothing brand: Beware mmxiv. Currently he works on projects related with management, music and fashion.


“Vitant” tells the story of an ambitious young man who moves to a major capital for the ­first time. Innocent and inexperienced, he easily stumbles and gets carried away by false charms, entering a world of interest, money, fame, drugs, sex and power.

Decided to triumph, he debates in his intimate the weight of his sins and the limit of his sacri­ces. Getting stuck in a corrosive ­struggle between what’s right, or wrong.

Black is predominant, representing the “dark” side of the surrounding environments, with touches of yellow “despair”, or red that translates passion, power and excitement.

The materials are semi transparent, letting through sight and light, being possible to peek into the character’s true self, but they are also opaque and even repellent to water creating a script with the outside world.

E-mail: huartevictor@gmail.com

follow: instagram.com/iamvitorantunes

Photos: Ugo Camera


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