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ViViD Vvorld

KALTBLUT presents I’ VR ISABEL VOLLRATH AW 2016 Les Misérables. Photographer Thomas Ternes teamed up with Stylist Betsy Knez to lens model Frieda M. @Iconic Management. Jewelry by RENÉ TALMON L´ARMÉE. Hair and make up by Anna Luft. I’ VR ISABEL VOLLRATH is an award winning fashion designer based in Berlin. 

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Photographer: Thomas Ternes www.instagram.com/thomasternes
All garments by ISABEL VOLLRATH Haute Couture 2016 www.isabelvollrath.com
Styling by Betsy Knez
Hair and make up by Anna Luft www.instagram.com/anna.luft.makeup
Model is Frieda M. @Iconic Management
Retouch: Digitales Leben