Wander through narrow alleys

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Denis Caunov and Darya Golneva. Models are Marina Rusnak, Ira Trifanova, Nata Grig and Lena Kurasevici. Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

We walked through our favourite spots in Chisinau. Variable weather from overcast to heat. Blooming linden trees, old streets and dilapidated architecture.
Trying to convey the atmosphere of these places, we photographed different people, including our friends.
An old mill, an alley behind the theatre, abandoned synagogue and shabby city walls.
Lanes are overgrown with greenery near the deserted boat station. Shabby plaster on buildings and yellow sandstone. The city closely intertwined with the village.

Photography by Denis Caunov and Darya Golneva / Instagram: @okkino.studio
Models are Marina Rusnak / Instagram: @marinna.rk
Ira Trifanova / Instagram: @ira.trifanova
Nata Grig / Instagram: @natagriig
Lena Kurasevici / Instagram: @kurasevicilena

The brand is OK Kino
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova