A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative duo Spyros Droussiotis and Hermes Pittakos are back with a new menswear editorial. Fashion by UY and Cos.

Top by Cos Leather Vintage Piece
Top by UY
Top & Leather Apron by UY
Top & Leather Apron by UY
Shorts By UY
Top & Leather Apron by UY

Photography by Spyros Droussiotis / www.spyrosd.tumblr.com / Instagram: @droussiotiss1
Model is Eloi Guri / @Facebook / Instagram: @eloi.guri
Make up by Hermes Pittakos / www.hermespittakos.com / Instagram: @hermespittakos
Art Direction by Spyros Droussiotis & Hermes Pittakos

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