We ain‘t yours to tame. Photography by Nathan Ishar

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Shot in the Goethebunker in Essen (Germany) by Nathan Ishar, a photographer based in Cologne (Germany) and Antwerp (Belgium), Daniel Cabrera’s Graduate Collection took inspiration from one of the many examples of cultures being overtaken by others: Mexico, where his own roots lie. „Proud of its perseverance to stay true to itself and the courage that drove its people to take up arms against those who came into their world to enslave them, steal and loot their most precious treasures and to tear apart their culture. I am proud of the courage that it took in order to fight for their freedom and gain their independence back, one that should have never been in the hands of any other nation. This collection is a homage to the cultures which, despite the circumstances, never let their roots die neither in spirit nor in existence.“ Models are Samir Duratovic and Lisa Steinmeier both at Aquamarine Model Management.

Photography by Nathan Ishar / www.pramudiya.com / Instagram: @pramoediya 

Fashion and Styling by Daniel Cabrera / @danniecabrera 

Samir Duratovic and Lisa Steinmeier both at Aquamarine Model Management