We Are Family by Rachel Colless

We Are Family! Shot on 35mm film by Berlin-based Photographer Rachel Colless. This shoot co-insides with the opening of the first Flagship store of HAHAYOUREUGLY Berlin – not just another vintage store. Street cast by stylist Bass Jjoorr and Rachel, the two teamed together to create a character-driven all-inclusive family vibe.

Photography by Rachel Colless
Instagram: @rachelcolless
Styling by Bass Jjoorr
Instagram: @bassjjoorr.com.au
Models are
Albert Lefevbre
Instagram: @albertlefevbre
Hongor Turmunh
Instagram: @hongor.t
Dilan Baziany
Instagram: @dillli
Esther Ajayi
Instagram: @esther_k_ajayi
Zoe Steinbrenner
Instagram: @gentrifizierungsbitch
Jordan Borg
Instagram: @borgjordan
Farina Wäcker
Instagram: @farunzel

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