Welcome to the Gift shop

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Darya Golneva and Denis Caunov. Models are Ira Trifanova and Natalia Grig. All clothes are from Darya Golneva and Denis Caunov “Welcome to the Gift shop” collection

“My name is Darya Golneva. I am 22 years old and I am pleased to be a fashion designer from Moldova. This is an opportunity to convey a message, to talk about multiculturalism. This year, in collaboration with my friend Denis, we created a collection “Welcome to the Gift shop” made from fabrics remnants from factories and disassembled old jewelry. A photo session was at the Museum of Natural History, Chisinau, Moldova. One of the oldest buildings in the city. If to assume that nowadays fashion is more engaged in reproduction that in production, then the future canceled. A series of borrowings trends that cast off context and meaning. The collection is about the sincere connection between cultures and their heritage in the modern world, without reference to tradition and nostalgia.

The collection conveys the atmosphere of a souvenir shop, where each image is like a memorable statuette on a shelf with the jingle of glass elements in motion, the projection of the glare of light from the decor. We called our collection «Welcome to the gift shop» and it speaks of multiculturalism, the combination of styles, and both local for Moldova and of other countries.”

Photography by Darya Golneva / Instagram: @daryagolneva

Denis Caunov / Instagram: @caunovdenis

Models are Ira Trifanova / No agency / Instagram: @ira.trifanova

Natalia Grig / No agency / Instagram: @natagrig96