Weltschmerz – Paper Prospect

A KALTBLUT exclusive presented by Weltschmerz Studio. Photographer & Art Director: Louise Bruwer. Film Director & DOP & Editor: Carl von Pfeil. Costumes by Jim Unterweger. Models are Francisca Millward and Billy Davies. Styling by Berto & Doretha van Taak.

Paper Prospect is a fashion film forming a collaboration between fashion designer Jim Unterweger and filmmaker Carl von Pfeil (both Italy). The igniting theme was to let Italo-Berlin, Street-Style fashion meet the Capetonian atmosphere and southern melancholy, following two isolated figures that live through day and night in a dream-like and nostalgic state. The clothing and design drove the production to its destination, with the black & white patterns, long, tearful, devil sleeves and an uncompromising newspaper jacket (with the words “Die Zeit”). Producing this film in Cape Town (South Africa) made this film unique with it’s 70s architectural look, the southern sunlight and the wintery, cold breeze. While the music (by Gourmet, Cape Town) takes the characters into an isolated and mysterious space, the observer follows the seek of our contemporary youth for acceptance and acknowledgement within the dark side of the city life.

Weltschmerz studio is an artist collective founded by fashion designer Jim Unterweger and Filmmaker and Artist Carl von Pfeil. Their love for visual arts and expressive aesthetics led to the creation of an outlet for their creative energy. Characteristics of the studio‘s style is a certain sense of spontaneity and nostalgia paired with minimalistic sterility and emotional thought provocation. The name Weltschmerz is an ode to the descriptive intricacy of the german language (both of the founder‘s mother tongue) and a thought-provoking concept about global issues and every day worries. Weltschmerz with its work tries to highlight these current issues via a dream state communication.

Weltschmerz – A mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.

Weltschmerz – A feeling of melancholy and world-weariness

Presented by Weltschmerz Studio / Instagram: www.instagram.com/weltschmerz_studio
Fashion Designer: Jim Unterweger / Instagram: www.instagram.com/jims.journey

Film Director & DOP & Editor: Carl von Pfeil / Vimeo: vimeo.com/user85457598 /
Instagram: www.instagram.com/carlvonpfeil
Costumes by Jim Unterweger / Instagram: www.instagram.com/jims.journey

Photographer & Art Director: Louise Bruwer / Vimeo: vimeo.com/user53801587 /
Instagram: www.instagram.com/louise.bruwer

Models: Francisca Millward / Instagram: www.instagram.com/franciscamillward
and Billy Davies / Instagram: www.instagram.com/billy___bones

Styling by Berto & Doretha van Taak / Instagram: www.instagram.com/doretha_makeup

Music by Gourmet – “Soft Things Taste Nice” / Youtube /
Instagram: www.instagram.com/gourmetspaghettiboy

Special Thanks to Jasper Bailey / Instagram: www.instagram.com/areyoujasper
and Richard Watson / Instagram: www.instagram.com/_richard_watson_

Fashion Brand: Weltschmerz