Where do we go now? Berhasm S/S23

“Berhasm’s philosophy has always highlighted social issues through its collections and campaigns. From the very beginning and in every campaign, we have set ourselves the goal of drawing the attention of the majority to the problems of the minorities.”


“Together with teams of talented artists from Eastern European countries, we faced questions that concerned us and looked for answers to them together with our global audiences. We covered the topics of gender and racial inequality, domestic violence, inclusivity, LGBTQ+ and the theme of basic freedom that many lacks in our region.”

“Today we cannot close our eyes to what is happening in the world. We are not warriors and not politicians, but we are people and we are artists and we cannot be silent.
For many, the topic of war seems very far from the topic of fashion but today the war, to one degree or another, has touched us all, and therefore, we speak about it in our own way.

Our campaign heroes are beautiful souls who were forced to leave their homes because of the war in Ukraine. Their destinies are different, and their stories are different but they were all forced to flee the war.”

“They decided to participate in this campaign to tell their stories to those far from the war. For those who closed themselves in their usual routine, for those who do not want to see the war and talk about it.

They also did not want to be a part of this war but they were left with no choice. And just like you, they want to surround themselves with beauty, they want to live in peace and have this peace at home.”

“And just remember – this war is still very far from being over.
Berhasm will be donating 10% of its new collection’s global sales to UNICEF and UN Women to help the families and victims of the war.” www.berhasm.com