Whipped Jewels

KALTBLUT presents the new Whipped Jewels campaign. Photography by Carlos Victimo. The model is Riva Keuning signed at The Coven Models. All the garments and accessories were made in-house by House of Rubber.

Whipped Jewels

Extravagant, subversive and bold. Whipped jewels resemble whipped cream with colourful stones dipped inside — resisting eating them is a daily struggle. As sensory play and an element of surprise are engrained in the DNA of the house of rubber, the jewellery’s shape and texture are very enticing, it irresistibly invites touch. Upon contact with the skin, the wearer might be surprised by the feel of the material, as it may not be what they initially anticipated.

“The Whipped Jewels are meticulously handcrafted in our Amsterdam atelier, with a firm focus on quality. Each piece is composed of a silicone body, which is coloured in-house using detailed dyeing methods. Rhinestone jewels are then gently dipped into the creamy surface before the polishing process. Each pair of whipped jewels is a one-of-a-kind item. Their differing dimensions, colour palettes, and jewel assortments make them particularly desirable and elusive.”

House of Rubber

Go beyond just looking. Enter the House of Rubber. Get lost between the textures and irregularities. Wondering around the lumps and bumps, sliding down the curved edges, relish in the tactile playground. Bouncing between the disciplines, winking at you from around the corner, we will guide you towards the wondrous universe of the in-between.

House of Rubber is a creative studio and place for interdisciplinary artistic practice, located between the realms of fashion and sculpture. The studio’s unrestrained fascination with absurd materials and a desire for experimentation translates itself into an end product which lies between fashion, objects and the human body. The tactility of House of Rubber’s work invokes interaction – the spectator becomes a participant. The studio’s vision lies in the area where contemporary fashion design meets other disciplines. House of Rubber believes in the power of fashion but aims to step outside the usual paths of traditional design and let go of the ideas of what fashion should be.

Photography by Carlos Victimo / www.victimostudio.com / Instagram: @Carlosvictimo
Studio and set manager Katharina Spitz / www.katharinaspitz.com / Instagram: @Kathakathak
The model is Riva Keuning signed at The Coven Models / Instagram: @Rivakeuning
Set design by Ioni Chamilaki / www.ioia.nl / Instagram: @Ioni_chamilaki
Video by Kaja Cichocka / www.kajacichocka.com / Instagram: @Kaja_cichocka
Video edit by Joep Gerrits / www.joepgerrits.com / Instagram: @J_gerrits
Make up and hair by Iraj Raghosing / www.irajraghosing.com / Instagram: @Irajraghosing
Design assistance by Wievien Alberts / Instagram: @Wievienalberts
Design assistance by Mira Baudinat / Instagram: @Mirabaudinat
Special thanks to Milo McCafferty / www.milom.hotglue.me / Instagram: @Milofarm
PR & Communication by Ryan Pugh / Instagram: @Ryanisinthekitchen

Fashion: All the garments and accessories were made in-house by the House of Rubber