White Ring on tour – An Interview and a giveaway

Witch house band White Ring are coming to Berlin for a live show at Urban Spree on October 17; before that, fans can expect a 7” coming out in the fall, before a new LP early 2020. Given their first releases were in 2010 and 2011, and the last album studio, Gate of Grief, seven years apart last year, knowing fresh releases are coming soon is pretty awesome. To sample what is to come, Kaltblut invites you to the show, win 2×2 tickets. For now, frontman Bryan answers a few questions for the band before starting their European tour.

KALTBLUT: So it’s been a year since our first interview… How have things been going for you guys?
White Ring: Yeah, nice to talk again. We have been busy working on new material and pet projects this year. I have been settling into my new sober and semi-healthy lifestyle. Things are going suspiciously well at the moment.

KALTBLUT: How do you manage your music and personal life balance? 
WR: Adina and I are always busy doing our thing. We stop answering emails at a certain time, I guess. We have been writing a lot of new music and the rest of life happens when we are audio-fatigued. 

KALTBLUT: Do you compose at all while touring? 
WR: I feel like I usually come back with some very strange but sometimes really good voice memos, for sure.  

KALTBLUT: And regarding inspiration, do you feel inspired by visual art, and do you feel you share a certain visual aesthetics with your fans?
WR: Yeah, lately I feel like we’ve been on this kick of acquiring art that’s like, antique Americana with vaguely threatening or sorrowful undertones. I think our fans are definitely on the same tip as us with heavy use of symbolism and meta-narrative. It’s hard to pin to a certain visual style outside of its usually exploring something uncomfortable, sometimes heavenly. 

KALTBLUT: And is fashion part of that at all?
WR: Adina is always sewing something and we hit up thrift stores regularly. We are into fashion in the sense that we are into DIY.

KALTBLUT: Coming from the US to Europe for the tour, do you have any expectations, stuff you wanna do or wanna see?
WR: I have never been to the continent before, I am really looking forward to it. Berlin has always seemed like a fantasyland just out of reach. I would really like to skate if I can. Our tour ends in Athens and we’re gonna try to explore around Greece for a few days. Maybe see a man about a horse. 

KALTBLUT: And finally, what should your fans be looking forward to when they come to your shows for this tour? 
WR: We have a pretty diverse sound that allows us to play many different types of shows. We curate our setlist for what the night calls for. We make sure to keep the mix between songs pretty tight; hopefully, our set will feel like one continuous journey that resonates with you. We like when people shout along too.


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