Whole Person Love

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Junhong Feng. Fashion by Ben Xiquan Peng. The models are Models Blu Edmunds, Kyrian Ugo Clinton, Luke Curtis Bohill, Frank Berbec and Patrick Tshibangu.

My name is Ben Xiquan Peng. I would describe my individual aesthetic style in one word- hybridisation, hybridizing opposite concepts – masculinity and femininity, luxury and every day. Blending every small bit of my findings together, finding the balance connection and story between them, is about storytelling, emotional expression and gender performance rather than menswear design.

I’m just graduated from Central Saint Martins MA fashion with my massive up-cycled denim collection ‘Whole person love’. Whole person love is a project which explores queerness and alternative masculine identities.’ Smooth?’ ‘femme?’ ‘twink?’ ‘sissy? ’’smooth?’’ Sub?’…. I received the same messages from different people on Grinder every day. I am expected to fit into these categories because of being Asian.

Instead of treating me as a person equally with other races, or just a normal human being. Through countless conversations with my fellow Asian friends regarding this and unsurprisingly all of us have had similar experiences. We are almost just accustomed to being docile and accepting it. This is not a topic that was discussed widely or was even hardly brought up and it’s especially personal and essential for me to acknowledge this concept of twisted fetish.‘Whole person love’ aims to open up and shift those rigid modes of stereotype/thinking, it is an attempt to initiate a conversation on interchangeable gaze. Together with my team, We create this shoot based on it.”

Fashion: Ben Xiquan Peng @_bensonline
photographer: Junhong Feng @junhong2214
Stylist: Huaixi Yu @_huaixi
MUA: Hannah Belbusst @HannahisoBelbusst
Casting: Molly Peacheypape @mollypeacheypape
Models: Blu Edmunds @blu_edmunds
Kyrian Ugo Clinton @kyrianfitness
Luke Curtis Bohill @iamlukecurtis
Frank Berbec @franciszekberbec
Patrick Tshibangu @patricktshibangu___

The brands used are: BENPENG, Nike, Adidas, Converse
Instagram name of each brand: @_bensonline @nike @Adidas @convers_london