Wirski’s Top 5

Wirski shares his Top 5 after the release of his debut on MISBHV Recordings. Tomek Wirski is a creative director for MISBHV. Named one of the 100 most influential people in Fashion, Design, Culture and Sport by Hypebeast and cited as one of the 30 most influential public figures by Vogue Poland. Wirkski’s debut MISBHV004 offers a nuanced narrative operating in its own genre of Eastern European rough-edged club melancholy.

1. John Carpenter – Assault On Precinct 13 

“The ambiance of John’s music has been a massive inspiration for this EP – and this particular song is one of my favorite pieces of music ever, ever made. I first heard this beast of a record on Myspace when I was a kid, through my friend Adam Port I believe. All my life after, in some shape or form, reverberates of this rough-edged melancholy.”

2. Wirski – Warszawa

“My personal favorite off the EP that tries to translate a landscape into a soundscape: eerie Soc-realist blockhouses, neon-lit, seedy strip clubs of the 90s, opulent sacral architecture of Warszawa. I love olbanum – the sacret scent of altar candles – and the melody, raising above the oppresive, cold drums, is meant to evoke that (lol).”

3. Wirski – Warm Waters Of Eternity

“I grew up in Poland – the capital of amphetamine. 4 boys, 1980s car, engine running, speed in an empty, cold forest – that is how this sounds to me.”

4. Wirski – Inside The Dark Echo

“This song is how our Fall-Winter 2023 sounds. Made in collaboration with the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation the collection is echoing sex, lust, shadow and light. The sound is claustrophobic, stifling, relentless, walking the line between filth and beauty, gravel and silk – a la Mapplethorpe (hopefully).”

5. D.A.F. – Als wär’s das letzte Mal

“Just the sexiest record ever made that I believe fits the theme of “Rough Edged Club Melancholy” perfectly, to my ear.”

MISBHV004 opens with Inside The Dark Echo – a claustrophobic, stifling, relentless, sensual dance with desire. Darkroom complexity with heavy sufrace tension built on an EBM undercurrent flirt with subtle psychedelia and traces of acid that slownly firm up their multi-layered grip through its running time of six and a half minutes.

Warszawa paints a stripped-back, tantalizing picture. Opening with a brutalist, militant drum programming and surprisingly spacious, warm bassline its rigid rhythm, tightened up by a repetetive, cold breath mantra eventually open up to bright, shimmering synth flickers evoking olbanum – the sacred scent of altar candles. Warszawa is looking at the multilayered melody of its landscape – from eerie Soc- realist blockhouses, through neon-lit, seedy strip clubs of the 90s to opulent sacral architecture.

Warm Waters Of Eternity subtly weave a cinematic, Carpenteresque soundscape with a sense of overpowering, ecstatic innocent euphoria that invokes a dream of an early 1990s rave deep in the dark woods of Poland.

Limited to 300 copies. Front cover featuring Parrot Tulips, 1988 from Robert Mapplethorpe Flora: The Complete Flowers. Used by permission, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. On view at J. Paul Getty Museum.


MISBHV004 is out now