ZHILYOVA – Genesis! From the ashes of the old world — rises a new one

Introducing Genesis the new campaign from the Ukrainian designer Valeria Zhilyova. Zhilyova meant for the shooting to symbolize strong ties between generations and the search for one’s tribe on the way to a bright future. It turned into a prophecy shedding light on the spirit of the Ukrainian people, showing their power in times of the full-scale invasion of their territory. Taken from our new digital issue #FIGHTERS!


Shot just before the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine — Genesis gives us a glimpse into a better tomorrow. A life-affirming idea put into the new campaign by Zhilyova delves into the concept of the “tribe” — finding those people with whom you can build a future, develop and grow.

Valeria Zhilyova says “Genesis is our loud manifesto that shows we are ready to overcome anything on our path, becoming stronger and wiser with every step.

When we were working on the idea of the campaign with Natalia Ivanova, we wanted to create a vision of learning how to work and live together for a better tomorrow. In the midst of an outrageous invasion of Russia into Ukraine — this message appears to have a much more symbolic meaning”.

The Genesis campaign takes us to a surreal world where a beautiful woman is shown carefully exploring unfamiliar circumstances. She comes with a weapon, but feeling no danger — lowers it. She is drawn to join the beautiful creatures as they dance with the skull that represents the burden of the past, the monster — different for all of us —  that we have to defeat.

The scenery changes — now everything is different, we can see the new garments, and feel the spirit of freedom. We see a portal to the new world, and the girls are inviting the viewer to join. Will we?

The idea Valeria put into the campaign is simple but powerful. It’s important to find your people to overstep the “skull of a monster” — anything that’s bringing you down, and move further.

Valeria Zhilyova:

“Now more than ever I believe in the idea I’ve put into the collection. Our nation is faced with a horrible challenge. But I’m deeply convinced that we will win as we know what we’re fighting for.

My native city is Mariupol — which has been under siege for the whole duration of the war. I had to watch it being destroyed building by building — with weapons literally turning all the places of my childhood memories into dust, and my whole family staying there — with no water, no heat, and no connection to at least send a message they’re still alive.

It was a miracle that they managed to get out alive: under constant shelling and bombing, from the true hell on Earth. Now Mariupol is almost completely burned down — with Azovstal standing as its last fortress.

But our spirit is strong, and this war showed us that our tribe is made up of 40 million Ukrainians and people all around the world who support us. We must make conclusions, move forward and grow. After all, light always defeats darkness. As sure as Ukraine will win as well.”

Zhilyova is a lingerie brand founded by Valeria Zhilyova in 2014. For its products, the brand uses exclusively high-quality European materials, following a conscious approach in everything: production, working conditions, and choice of fabrics. Zhilyova stands for diversity, self-love, women’s empowerment, innovation, future, and technology. In particular, the brand became the first in its industry to release an AR version of the site for the convenience of customers. The brand is fascinated by the beauty of the body and its main mission is to promote diversity by helping people love and accept themselves.

Zhilyova collections are distinguished by a wide selection: from comfortable and sexy bases to slip dresses and accessories. The brand is represented in the USA, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, Switzerland, Latvia and Ukraine. Zhilyova is worn by Tina Kunakey, ROSALIA, Nadia Dorofeeva, Tina Karol, Karina Istomina, and Vera Brezhneva.