ZHILYOVA x NOT SKINNY ENUF – To anyone suffering from self-deprecating thoughts, we hear you

The International Day of Fight Against Anorexia is held around the world. This day aims to draw attention to the number and consequences of ED problems in the world. As part of this day, Not Skinny Enuf, a non-profit organization supporting people who have faced ED, and the communications agency Gogola initiated a photo project with photographer Sasha Samsonova and ZHILYOVA, who share the values ​​of diversity and self-love.

The shooting, which manifests the beauty of every body, tells the stories of models faced with a distorted perception of themselves.

This photo project is about the importance of caring for ourselves, our mental and physical health, and love for our body as a unique and beautiful form through which we express ourselves and interact with the world. Not Skinny Enuf and Gogola agency, together with Sasha Samsonova and ZHILYOVA, showed a variety of shapes and learned from models what they really think about their bodies.

The initiator of the photo project is Elena Moseikina, founder of Not Skinny Enuf, a non-profit organization that is a safe and supportive space for people who have experienced ED. “My own story was a trigger for me to create Not Skinny Enuf: I worked as a model and suffered from anorexia for two years. I constantly encounter colleagues with EDs who are embarrassed to talk about this topic, and most importantly, do not ask for help. I hope that this shooting will help to convey to every person: you are beautiful and worthy of love. Transmitting the value of the body through a vivid visual story, we are moving step by step towards a society where people are not judged for having an “extra” curve on their body. When the level of criticism decreases, the incidence rate follows,” says Elena.

Elena, together with the CEO of Gogola agency, Anna Pagava, photographer Sasha Samsonova and founder of ZHILYOVA, Valeria Zhilyova, worked on the concept of the project.

The photo project suggests that the proclamation of certain standards of beauty as “perfect” and their broadcast as one of the forms of success can make the viewers unconsciously hate their bodies that do not meet the “perfect” criteria. At the same time, forms of body are the underlying cause of the development of the disease: dysmorphophobia, followed by ED and anorexia, can also develop in people with a distorted perception of their own image, when a person seems to see him/herself as if in a crooked mirror.

The shooting draws a line and emphasizes the difference between self-perception and the attitude of people around, and also suggests that reshaping your own appearance for the sake of imaginary ideals will not lead to success, happiness and love.

The participants in the shooting — models with beautiful figures and a very critical attitude towards their own appearance, preceding the ED — appear in a surreal set design of the shooting: in almost complete darkness on a bed that could be anywhere.

For example, in the bedroom of a teenager who wants to hide from everyone in the only safe place, or in the apartment of a girl or boy in search of themselves.

The hypothetical bedroom allowed the characters to be real, each with his/her own story and mood. But they all look triumphant and appear in all their glory, confident and frank,” says Sasha Samsonova. — “For me this shooting is an opportunity to speak out on a topic that lives deep within each of us. ED problems have no boundaries, they affect people of all sizes, genders, races. When faced with this, you feel very lonely. It seems that other people are beautiful and happy, and it’s you alone who wants to hide in the bedroom as soon as possible. But in fact, most of us experience it, especially women. Most importantly, I wanted to show that we are all very beautiful and significant”.

We never know what others are going through, we judge them — and ourselves — too harshly. This shooting is about love for oneself through the prism of love for one’s body, — says Valeria Zhilyova. — ZHILYOVA has become not just a brand, but a platform through which we broadcast our values ​​and strive to help women form a healthier and more relaxed perception of their appearance. Lingerie is another way to convey this, because in it we are as honest with ourselves as possible and take a step towards self-acceptance, therefore all ZHILYOVA items are created in order to emphasize the beauty of the body in the naturalness of its forms. I dream that the objectification of the female body and misogyny will forever remain in the past.”

This is not the first social project for ZHILYOVA: the brand released a Self-Love collection with a plus-size model Khrystyana in support of LGBTQ +, and is also a constant participant in charitable initiatives.

Models — Izabella,  Cam, Emily Lee (UNITE UNITE agency), Michal Idan (LA Model Management), Mariama Diallo,  Aliana King, Salem Mitchell, Bre Maughan (Freedom)

Not Skinny Enuf founder — Elena Moseikina

Photographer — Sasha Samsonova
Producer — Anna Pagava

Production — Gogola agency

Stylists — Chloe & Chenelle Delgadillo

Style assistant — Yummi Liu

Make up artist 1 — Vladyslava Kozachyshche

Make up artist 2 — Alexandra Romanenko

Hair stylist 1 — Anastasiia Sankova

Make up artist 3 — Terezka Fras

Hair stylist 2 — Anastasiia Terebova

Casting — Ana Tess



Not Skinny Enuf — a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with eating disorders. Founded by Elena Moseikina, formerly a model, now a yoga instructor, coach and certified nutritionist.

Sasha Samsonova — a Ukrainian photographer and video director. Lives and works

Zhilyova — a lingerie brand founded by Valeria Zhilyova in 2014. The brand uses exclusively high-quality materials, remaining conscious in production, working conditions and selection of fabrics. Zhilyova stands for diversity, self-love, women’s empowerment, innovation, future, technology. The brand is represented in the USA, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, Switzerland, Latvia and Ukraine.

Gogola agency — a communications agency headquartered in Los Angeles.