Zoom in Maser’s work with Séverine Grosjean’s eyes

The urban artist Maser, originally from Dublin, began to paint graffiti on the streets of Ireland in 1995. Today, he is recognized as one of the leading creatives in the country working in the urban environment. His work has been seen with frequencies in many parts of the world.

In his early work, he was influenced by typography and signs to move and move towards a unique geometric and abstract style. Maser’s work is inspired by abstract expressionism, postmodernism, pop art and minimalism. The shapes are simple and the colors are reduced to a few; yellow, cyan, pink, mint, magenta, navy blue, orange, red, black and white. The possibilities of combinations are endless under the hand of Maser.
The contrast between the before and after is shocking. The initial urban landscape disappears to reveal a colorful and vibrant landscape. The inhabitants of these streets or the painted walls can not stop thinking about the city itself and how they can appropriate it. This interruption in the urban landscape leaves people a time-out for contemplation.

As Maser’s art became more professional and defined, collaborations with other artists emerged as the project with Damien Dempsey, one of Dublin’s most iconic musicians, Damien Dempsey mixes traditional Irish folk with contemporary lyrics to offer social commentary on the positive and negative aspects of Irish life. Damien Dempsey and Maser created the project “They Are Us” in 2010. In the city of Dublin, positive messages invaded it. These political vibrations, Maser used them in his project “The Repeal the 8th” in the cultural district of Dublin, Temple Bar.

The work of art presented with a red heart on a blue background with “Repeal the 8th” written in its center echoed the law that refers to the right to life of the unborn which makes it impossible for any government to introduce legislation that allows abortion beyond exceptional circumstances. Soon, a referendum will take place in Ireland on this law.

Maser’s works are an evocation of the emotions and feelings of Irish society. Through his different works, Maser tries to distract them as is his project “Bram Stoker” (2015), a simple installation in which the viewer was invited to participate. Over the years, he creates new scenarios where interaction and communication are central axes.

Now, Maser invites you to take a part of his work in your home and to transform it with his two-dimensional pieces. In his workshop, he spends some time to stop the frenzy. The narrative remains the same, the interest in relationships, how the public interacts with abstract and colorful work. As well as outdoor works, Maser wishes to take the viewer out of his comfort zone and open up new experiences.

Text by Séverine Grosjean  / www.thenomadcreativeprojects.com / Instagram: @nomad_creative_projects / @Facebook


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