Field of Ponies

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial! may I introduce you to a new fashion label? FIELD of PONIES! The new project from Julie Bérubé. Based in London since 2000, Julie is a fashion designer born and trained in Montreal. Her previous eponymous label was presented at London Fashion Week from 2002 to 2008, sold to independent boutiques worldwide and gathered press coverage in publications such as Vogue UK, Nylon, the Guardian and more.

This is FIELD of PONIES’ first collection. It’s a range of 8 insane sweatshirts and 2 trouser shapes. And we are in LOVE with the collection. It is modern and edgy . Well done! And btw: What a great name for a fashion label!!!!

FIELD of PONIES’ aesthetic stems from a web-based artistic project, in which the designer creates one pony a day, using everyday materials found in her immediate environment. Thus, home-made/crafty techniques have been developed to offer a modern version of quilting, stuffing as well as hand and machine embroidery.

The garments are cut for men but girls can wear them too, as long as they dig it.


The range is made from organic cotton mixed with fake fur, real human hair, glow in the dark threads, recycled left-over materials and other groovy trims.



Inspiration is drawn mainly from the annual Haitian carnival held in the town of Jacmel. Fears and oppressions are dispelled with music, dance, and human connectivity. The carnival’s really powerful characters, created in haste from found materials, strongly reflect how FIELD of PONIES interprets clothing: as a raw, primitive and available form of self-expression.



Reflections around modern nomadic behaviours informed the use of soft, comfortable materials and aim for a pillow-like feel for the wearer, so he/she can comfortably crash anywhere along the journey.

Every sweatshirt is made by hand in London, United Kingdom. The visuals are crafted in Montreal, Canada. Average retail price: £315

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Editorial and video credits: Directed by EVIL EYE CULT
EVIL EYE CULT is a creative agency based in L.A., directed by Christopher Angelo Spencer.
Cinematography: JWNY

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