Introducing: Leon Emanuel Blanck – ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION

With his project ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION which he started in 2012, Leon Emanuel Blanck developed an unique until now completely new pattern making technique: beginning with large geometric forms, he drapes fabrics on the human body, until an anatomical cast, similar to sculpture emerges. He then cuts the sculpture into it’s individual sections, thereby creating a prototype pattern, eventually creating a humanized garment. The approach of ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION also defines the naturally originated aesthetics, that reminds of a hollow man and sometimes feels like wearing someone else’s body. Photography by Julian Beekmann. Models are Klaudia Krzeminicky and Olivier Weppe.

Through this process Leon Emanuel Blanck is constructing garments, footwear and accessories that are being sold in 20 selected boutiques worldwide.  His work is part of the permanent exhibition in the Hamburg Museum of Art and Crafts or StyleZeitgeist have published about his endeavor and as one of the few German’s designers, he is an integral part of the avant-garde scene in Paris.

Anfractuous Distortion & Forced Perspective

After developing an extraordinary and unique method of creating patterns that arise from the anatomy of the human body and its interplay with different materials, Leon Emanuel Blanck has deepened this approach with his latest Spring Summer 18 iteration. He has not only expanded ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION with new patterns and an additional women’s collection but also introduced his new project FORCED PERSPECTIVE.

Being the logical consequence of ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION, FORCED PERSPECTIVE is offering a more dressed look by symmetrical pattern lines while keeping the anatomical features and characteristics of its ascendant.

With the universes of HR Giger and Collin still being his main source of inspiration, Leon Emanuel Blanck is currently influenced by the atmospheric lights of movies from the 80s such as Blade Runner.

It is not just the contrast between the decadent neon colors of billboards versus the gloomy streets of an overpopulated city that fascinates him, but also the interplay of archaic and futuristic elements – the human being in discord between his ephemeral body and his digital image – is an important part of the work of Leon Emanuel Blanck. or

Photography by Julian Beekmann / / Instagram: @julianbeekmann

Art Director by Laura Mahlberg

Light Design by Vincent Von Tiedemann, Tim Krumbügel, Max Andor

Model is Klaudia Krzeminicky / Instagram: @keyklaudia

Model is Olivier Weppe

Make up by Laura Rainalter 

Postproduction by Rawline / / Instagram:

Copyright by Third Picture / / Instagram: @thirdpicturefilm

Video credits:

Models: Olivier Weppe, Klaudia Krzeminicky
Concept & Director: Laura Mahlberg
Camera, Editing & Effects: Denisa Tanase
Music: Luis Rutz
Light Design: Vincent von Tiedemann, Tim Krumbügel, Max Andor
Hair & Make-up: Laura Rainalter
Copyright: Third Picture
All clothings by Leon Emanuel Blanck

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