11 Oliver

A photography series by photographer Rinat Grigori. The second part of London Honeymoon series. “At the end of the 3th zone, in suburbs of the city, far away from London I dreamed about, more real than I could have imagined. In the house where I knew no one and didn’t even wanted to.Components of the huge engine, immigrants from all over the world, working for those who need them to do so. Aliens, landing on Earth, forcing to change into humans, forgetting their purpose, losing their essence of divinity and the power of endless creation.

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Soon aware of themselves, they will leave the system of slavery and obedience, they will become less humans again, gaining their freedom, only with limits of their own. With their hearts open and the souls burning with the light of love. 
Moon rises and sets. We are here to show you the options; what you’re going to do, it’s yours.”
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Photography by Rinat Grigori
Expression by Michael Moon