20 years of Ivo Nikkolo

We had the pleasure to visit Tallinn Fashion Week a few days ago. And we loved it. Ivo Nikkolo, one of the oldest and unique Estonian designer brands invited us to their lovely city, their amazing headquarter and their fabulous runway show. But it was not only an ordinary runway show, it was the celebration of 20 years of Ivo Nikkolo and a cooperation between head designer Eve Hanson, designer Britta Laumets and the Founder Ivo Nikkolo himself.


We had the pleasure to chat with Eve and Britta one day before the show about their work and coming from a country like Estonia influence your design. 6 month winter, teaches you how to make a warm coat, these coats make you want the cold, so you can wear them! The Fabrics and cuts of Ivo Nikkolo allow you to be a woman! simple cuts, but with a twist, just as we like it! You can see the women working and designing for the label, know who they are and know the woman their design for.

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“All the women who are independent – Throw your hands” on a Ivo Nikkolo coat!

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and btw we still want this sheer black trench coat!

Contact: ivonikkolo.andmorefashion.com / @Facebook