3 Fashion Designers to watch out for the Future from ModaLisboa Core feat. Nuno Baltazar, João Magalhães and Constança Entrudo

ModaLisboa is a large pool of young fashion designers because the future belongs to them. Here are 3 names of young tastemakers who will rule the Portuguese fashion world: Nuno Baltazar, João Magalhães and Constança Entrudo!

Nuno Baltazar | ModaLisboa – Core

The Portuguese fashion industry is one of the world’s most dynamic and creative industries. From haute couture to streetwear, the Portuguese fashion world encompasses various styles and designs catering to different tastes and preferences. modalisboa.pt // @lisboafashionweek


TRANSVERSE is an exercise for creating anachronistic visual dialogues, which result from the intersection of different characters, real or imaginary, who simultaneously inhabit Nuno Baltazar’s creative universe. The proposal of a space of interception as a place of reflection on different bodies, their contexts and new perspectives resulting from questioning their aesthetics and their artistic processes. In a subversive dialectic in which it uproots religious content and contextualizes it in new performative bodies, in a narrative that crosses popular and queer culture.

For the presentation of the AW23/24 collection, Nuno Baltazar develops an oblique path between his signature elements, under a new performative perspective in which he deconstructs his own paradigms. The demi-couture details are presented as protagonists of an open narrative, leaving the interpreters with the possibility of improvising in the dressing room.

Over-sized silhouettes coexist with anatomically constructed structures, three-dimensional details, dramatic sleeves and right-and-back games. Dry textures in taffeta and moiré stitches and quilting contrast with pallets, liquid crepes in plain colours or leopard prints.

The colour palette also proposes the exploration of austere colours such as black, coffee, cognac and nude in a total look or anachronistic compositions with English blue, silver and yellow. www.instagram.com/nunobaltazardesigner



Constança Entrudo and Ema Gaspar came together to create a mythological figure that represents the processes of anti-weaving of the brand. This creature represents the powerful forces of chaos and deconstruction: the renounce of the powers of the web and loom.

The Thread Monster was once just another yarn in the weft of a loom waiting for the day it would be made woven. On a long winter night, joining forces with other threads also tired of the loom impositions, they managed to escape and develop their own path: a path to liberation and disarray.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone.

The Thread Monster symbolizes the liberation of the loom, the passage of time, the seasons, day and night, inner chaos, and regenerative forces. www.instagram.com/constanca_entrudo

Collaboration: Ema Gaspar
Art Direction & Styling: Bernardo Cunha
Sound: Alejandro Steiner & Lournco Lvgs
Graphic Design: Claudia Lancaster
Hair: Chiado Studio
Make-up: Antónia Rosa
Nails: AM Studio
Belts: Migif
Cake: Cracked Bolos
Team: Joana Alves, Jimena Gonzalez, Filipa Lobato, Maria Bento, Maria Telleria, Matias Entrudo.


João Magalhães (1988) grew up between London and Lisbon. Early in his life, he showed great interest in the arts, which led him to study architecture and to specialise in fashion, exploring form and construction in his creations. In 2014, he created Morecco, which started as an accessory brand, but the evolution of the concept led to ModaLisboa a year later, with the first complete ready-to-wear collection. www.instagram.com/joaomglhs

João Magalhães explores an aesthetic universe marked by androgyny, the materials’ requirements and cut, by handmade techniques, from knitwear to hand embroidery.

In March 2019, he signed the first collection in his own name. His pieces continue to detach themselves from gender and age constraints, they are free of categorizations, but the designer is now exploring a new conceptuality, closer to what he envisions for one’s today wardrobe.