650 nanometer – An exhibition by Kiko Dionisio

#SaveTheDate – Kiko Dionisio an Artist/Photographer whose focus is on sculptures and the Body in an Artistic expression is presenting his new Exhibition 650 nanometer this Weekend on the 3 & 4 of December starting at 6 pm.

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The name 650 nanometer is the Wavelength Humans perceive the Colour Red.
Red is the colour stimulus perceived when light with a spectral distribution dominated by wavelengths above 600 nm enters the eye. While most mammals have problems perceiving the colour red, the human eye is very sensitive to it.

It is the colour of lovers and the fighter, it is the colour of the highest feelings: Power, fire and wild passion. In nature, red occurs naturally and represents both warning and attraction. For these reasons, the colour red is significant.

Red represents energy, passion and danger
Red is associated with the heat of energy and passion. We “see red” when we are angry and it is also the colour of blood, power and danger.

Psychologically, we associate the hue with confidence, lust for life and vitality as well as superficiality and courage. Red is visually very close, active, warning and concise. It stands for power, love, passion and fire but also for danger, rage, destruction and anger.

Red has a clearly stimulating effect. Vitality, love and strength are associated with red just as aggressiveness and movement. Red thus energizes and invigorates the body, mind and soul. At the same time, red also has a warming effect and thus offers a certain feeling of security at the same time.

These all were part of the art created for this Exhibition with the Model David Zongoli (a Performer – Poledancer – Dancer – Aerialist – Fitness Model (@acrodave).

The music for this piece was written by Yeve.e a young non-binary artist, producer, Dj and composer of experimental and dance music, new to the berlin creative scene.

“The first time I saw the Art Kiko created with the name 650 nanometer, my question was not about the phantasms of personage, but what can be viewed outside of the frame?

The shower seems like a safe place for him. But where is this guy exactly? Maybe a gay sauna?
Or, is he relaxing after his performance backstage at Queer Club in Berlin?
Or maybe he is just his apartment, and he is completely alone, dreaming about something very intimate? Or, is he relaxing after his performance backstage at Queer Club in Berlin?
Or maybe he is just in his apartment, and he is completely alone, dreaming about something very intimate?

All these questions about decorations and spaces inspired me to create this beautiful ambient music. At the same time, I was thinking about making a sound-designed installation, and something closer to the reality of this guy.”

Which better way to present it than a Darkroom an intimate place of Fantasies? Mutschmanns is a traditional Place in Berlin with a Fetish-lite young person’s bar with a serious leather history who now goes new ways. The bar is named after Christian Mutschmann (who died in August 2013) but is owned by gay Entrepreneur Karl-Heinz ‘Kalle’ Klatt.

It started Rubber/leather/fetish-friendly in 2002 in the Martin-Luther-Straße in the centre of the Schöneberg gay zone and was a leather bar. On 19 October 2019 Mutschmanns closed its Martin-Luther-Straße location and then moved around the corner to Motzstraße 30 (formerly Reizbar, which closed in June 2018).

Mutschmanns 2 will strike some as ‘designed’ with a fresh look. There’s a darkroom and also a large sealed-off smoking room. The bar is already appealing to a younger set and is now open space for more diversity and Queerness. The Exhibition is the start of extending their Artistic portfolio.

More of Kikos Art you find here www.Kikodionisio.com & IG @kikodionisio_photography