Photographer Dmytro Komissarenko captured Evgeiy Yovenko for “7”. Styling by Nikita Gudzovsky. “7” is four Ukrainian fashion brands + three people who worked on the shooting. “Despite the war in Ukraine, we continue to support each other and continue to make new photo stories, involving everyone who decides to stay in Kyiv.”

“For the past three months, my home has often been turned into a photo studio, and to the sound of air-raid sirens, we continue to do what works best for us. We thank everyone who supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, we thank those who support Ukrainian culture and creativity.”

Photographer: Dmytro Komissarenko @dmytrokomissarenko
Model: Evgeiy Yovenko @lakaniy_
Stylist: Nikita Gudzovsky @gudzovskynikita
Vozianov @vozianov.design
Lida Zaha @zahara.clothes
To be Accessories @to_be_accessories
Zhmaylo Store @zhmaylo_store