80’S DREAM by Manuela Zapata

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Manuela Zapata. Model is Alexander Wolf. Makeup & Hair by Paula Medina. Styling by Jose Arango and Sebastian Montaño. Brands are Montt Brand, Forever 21, Zara Man, Tennis. 80’s dream is a fashion editorial that explores queer masculinity through the aesthetics of this era. It happens in a timeless space where our male “sweet macho” character flirts with the viewer. The editorial was created by our Colombian-German team: we all got together to dream, to talk and to create a sweet collective fantasy that reminds us of a porno movie from the ’80s.

Photography by Manuela Zapata / Instagram: @manuezapataz
Model is Alexander Wolf / Instagram: @alexuswolf
Make up & Hair by Paula Medina / Instagram: @paulamedinamua
Styling by Jose Arango / Instagram: @arango678 / and by Sebastian Montaño / Instagram: @sebasmontt /
Assistant Andres Montaño /Instagram: @andresmontanoh
Location: Medellín, Colombia