A.A.Spectrum is a cross-cultural collaboration. Their first collection was launched in Beijing Autumn 2016. They aim to create a tribe, not an army – a spectrum with room for diversity. The fashion world cannot carry on as it has done with mass consumption of cheap throw-away garments that damage the environment. This season A. A. Spectrum uses as many
up-cycled materials as possible and applies them in a plethora of creative collages using
scraps and leftover fabrics.

” We also want to create apparel that is more timeless and less fad driven. This season we have a new minimal core category that endeavours to make styles that will last long and become classics which can be worn over many seasons. Our silhouette and design details are inspired by recent travel to Myanmar. In Yangon the capital city, we were fascinated by how locals were able to make do with very little, using many natural and biodegradable elements for everyday items. In the local market, street sellers made bale bags by hand stitching together scraps of recycled materials. Locally made workwear apparel also caught our eyes with loud nylon braided strap vests full of utility pockets. During our visit to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda, we couldn’t stop looking at monks and their intricate robes, which are casually gathered on the shoulder to form voluminous draping.”

“Taking all these influences in account, this season’s collection is divided into 4 creative strands; Collage – Pieces from shirts to Parka and T shirts are assembled from various materials and or colours. Core – Pieces that should last over the seasons with core minimal details and fad proof styling. Flags & ‘chutes – Pieces inspired by this season’s symbol the rags flags rebelling against over consumption of garments. Modular – Pieces with modular elements that become separate bags or harnesses.”

Instagram: @aaspectrum__official