A feeling of mysticism

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sonya Mazuryk. Styling by Alice Secchi. Model is Terence Ho. Make up by Kiki Tong. “I’m Sonya Mazuryk, 20 years old and I am from Ukraine but currently based in London, studying in London College of Fashion. In this project I have collaborated with a stylist Alice Secchi, makeup artist Kiki Tong and a model Terence Ho. Together we aimed to produce an experimental outcome where each creative managed to express himself through his craft.

Alice has worked with extraordinary garments, experimenting with texture and layering. Kiki created unique makeup looks which added a feeling of mysticity to the shoot when Terence added sensuality and moodiness to each look. Lastly, I have experimented with the lighting, posing and editing. As a team we managed to create a unique body of work, touching on the theme of mysticism and alternative reality.”

Photography by Sonya Mazuryk / Instagram: @sorryzaeto
Styling by Alice Secchi / Instagram: @iamaliceice
Make up by Kiki Tong / Instagram: @kikitong.mua
Model is Terence Ho / Instagram: @terancio_tezza

Brands used are:
Lost on House / sssilk666 @sssilk666 / Nanushka @nanushka / Manon Planche @manonplanche / Harmony London / Marcelo / Ella Douglas @ella.i.douglas / John H Redman @john.hredman