A Modern Fairytale. Photography by Nienke Wind

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Nienke Wind. Stylist is Marieke van Wijngaarden. Make up and hair by Xiu Yun Yu. Models are Roos Mol, Bibi Doesburg signed at Future Faces Management, Annemieke van het Hof. “We are a photographer and stylist duo: Nienke Wind is photographer and Marieke van Wijngaarden is fashion stylist.  In a world full of wonders and fairytale scenes, we take the viewer to our experience of this world. The perception of an image can be in a fraction of a second; one incorporates an image, but that one second must be catchy and take you into a whole new world. The girlish innocence combined with a certain form of imperfection is what we are looking for. An image has to tell something, you have to take it with you, and it’s different for everyone. Our images are dreamy but refer to the here and now. The eternal desire for aesthetics in imperfection is what makes the images what they are. The research into aesthetics is central, the untamed dream, the research into the animal in man, raw and at the same time gentle. The photos are not correct, have a certain form of imperfection, they are a beautiful aesthetic image, but it raises questions, that’s what we strive for.”

Top: Hiske Hottinga 
Skirt: Annemarije van Harten 
Shoes: Denniz Terli

‘A Modern Fairytale’
under the guidance of the 7 deadly sins.

I used to believe that I could become a princess, that my life would become a fairytale, later if I were a grown up ….

Later I discovered that my naivety gave way to speed, emptiness and an overall sense of loneliness and indefinability.

Fairy tales are there to believe in, life is something you should believe in but what if you lose faith in life, you will fall into the 7 deadly sins, fairy tales will make room for the truth. What if life goes so fast that you automatically expire in the 7 deadly sins? The emptiness, loneliness and speed that this society brings with it are filled with gluttony, greed, vanity, lust, anger, laziness and jealousy. Because of this fact one arrives in a state of being in which one lives its own fairy tale, ‘A modern fairytale.’

Kimono: Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk
Jewelry: Naturea Design
Dress: Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk
Top and trousers: Hiske Hottinga
Crown: Naturea Design
Dress: Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk
Crown: Naturea Design
Shoes: Stylist own
Pink dress: Annemarije van Harten
White Dress: Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk
Jumpsuit: Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk
Crown: Wild Monarchy

Photography by Nienke Wind / nienkewindphotography.com / Instagram: @nienkemwind 

Stylist is Marieke van Wijngaarden / mariekevanwijngaardenstyling.com/ Instagram: @mariekewijntje 

Make up and hair by Xiu Yun Yu / Instagram: @xiuyun.yu 

Model 1 is Roos Mol / Instagram: @roosmol 

Model 2 is Bibi Doesburg signed at Future Faces Management / Instagram: @bibidoesburg 

Model 3 is Annemieke van het Hof  / Instagram: @itsannemieke 

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