A Song for the Feels: siovo Releases New Track “sie” and Announces EP “kauft dem jungen blumen”

siovo is back with his new single “sie,” a heartfelt ballad exploring an unattainable love overshadowed by someone else. Following his previous release “fremde bleiben,” “sie” serves as the next single from his forthcoming EP “kauft dem jungen blumen.” siovo’s poignant lyrics capture the essence of a doomed relationship: “I could be the world, share the sea and the waves, but I’d never be like her,” he sings over melancholic guitars and synths accompanied by gentle drums, emulating the beat of a broken heart.

The track delves into the complexity of feeling like you’ve never truly been part of a shared intimacy. It’s too much, too beautiful—yet too distant. No matter the effort, it wasn’t meant to be. Amidst an ethereal mist of sound, siovo yearns for true closeness, a space where his partner is entirely his, devoid of comings, goings, and tears.


With his authenticity and openness, siovo presents his music as a safe space—a place of freedom and acceptance where one can be themselves, even if it hurts. Ultimately, his music feels like an embrace: firm and warm, offering comfort. As he releases each new song, siovo further uncovers his true self. Moving from Stuttgart to Berlin, he has found his artistic home in the capital and is now ready to release his debut EP, “kauft dem jungen blumen.”

The five tracks on the EP explore the dynamics of a relationship, its highs and lows, ons and offs, unspoken assumptions, and the pain that can ensue. However, they also convey how navigating this chaos can lead to self-discovery and help one become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

siovo’s “kauft dem jungen blumen” EP drops on August 30, 2024, with a release concert at Kantine am Berghain on August 29, 2024. Following the festival circuit, siovo will kick off his “kauft dem jungen blumen” tour in October, featuring seven shows across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.