About to bloom

A KALTBLUT exclusive.  Photography by Julian Freyberg. Model is Divanita Nuwame signed at Modelwerk. Styling by Maria Gorny. Make up by Cleo Minhoff. All fashion from ZARA Studio Collection Limited Edition.

“My name is Julian Freyberg. I live in Hamburg and am a photographer for fashion and beauty. Early in life I discovered my interest in the beautiful and esthetic things in life and attended an art school since being 6 years old. When I was 16 I enrolled on an art academy.
My love for photography developed during my studies and has been my passion ever since. Strong women are a major inspiration and the basis of my creativity. With this series, I want to show the beauty during the beginning of spring in relation to growing and developing one own personality. For me, spring signifies the change of a triste and grey world into a colourful summer.”

Photography by Julian Freyberg / www.freybergphotography.com /
Instagram: @julianfreybergphotography
Model is Divanita Nuwame signed at Modelwerk / Instagram: @divanitanuwame
Styling by Maria Gorny / Instagram: @mg_mariagorny
Make up by Cleo Minhoff / Instagram: @cleo_artist

Fashion: ZARA Studio Collection Limited Edition