A KALTBLUT exclusive. “Absinthes” is a project born by Aline Estaquier and Thais Rebaudieres. The project depicts young people wanting to enter the world of Parisian fashion, covering themselves with masks to survive in Parisian nightlife. The photographs were taken by Leila Calvaruso. 

Aline Estaquier is a Parisian stylist and costume designer. Her stylistic associations are contrasting, often amalgamating everything through the practice of layering. Graduated in Art History, her touch stands out for her historical approach to clothing, taking its source to contrast with contemporaneity. Thaïs Rebaudieres is a French art historian and scenographer who draws her influences from the art of the past and the current Parisian scene. She aims to contribute to the modernization of the contemporary art scene, by participating in the realization of projects illustrating a raw reality and under-represented models.

Leila Calvaruso is a French-Italian photographer and visual artist. Born in Palermo, her love for photography was evident from a young age, getting closer to intimacy and beauty through photography. In parallel with her multiple projects exploring different mediums, she followed academic training initially at Paris 8 Université, currently in Milan in Fashion Photography allowing her to refine her art and be able to move and evolve.



Artistic Direction by Aline Estaquier & Thaïs Rebaudieres /
Instagram: @jaicriealine & @thaisrebaudieres
Photography by Leila Calvaruso / Instagram: @gioiuzzaruaru
Styled by Aline Estaquier / Instagram: @jaicriealine
Make up by Bulle Péan, Marine Mazzoleni, Elma Trabilord, Estelle Elias /
Instagram: @lebutdunevie @muaa.zzo @itselmua @estellelias
Lighting by Ruby Contat / Instagram: @al2o3cruby
Stylism assistant by Julien Plaisant / Instagram: @nl__nj

Models for La Chambre à Coucher are Angela Crotti & Julien Plaisant /
Instagram: @angelacrotti & @nl__nj

Models for We All Have To Start Somewhere I are Pauline Graff, Isis Bendjemla Bourguignon, Meïssa Guèye / Instagram: @pipommedamour, @isisbenb & @mei_amrs

Models for We All Have To Start Somewhere II are Pauline Graff, Vincent Sporn Boucher, Felipe Sana & Elijah Verrier / Instagram: @pipommedamour, @vincent.spbo, @felipe_sana___ & @woistjahilee

Models for We All Have To Start Somewhere III are Pauline Graff, Elijah Verrier, Isis Bendjemla Bourguignon & Vincent Sporn Boucher / Instagram: @pipommedamour, @woistjahilee, @isisbenb & @vincent.spbo

Models for DELUSIONAL I are Angela Crotti, Aloun Colon, Come Rebaudieres / Instagram: @angelacrotti, @kerosenetrap & @comerebaudieres

Models for DELUSIONAL II are Isis Bendjemla Bourguignon, Leïla Sagra, Elijah Verrier, Pauline Graff, Tristan Malengour, Théodore Pétridis, Vincent Sporn Boucher, Loïs Schlieper, Omar Iovenali, Louis Plavinet, Pierre Barbier, Inès Castelot, Younes Maafa & Aloun Colon / Instagram: @isisbenb, @leisagra, @woistjahilee, @pipommedamour, @docteursangrado, @charlie_cheri_magnifique_, @vincent.spbo, @lois__sch, @louisplavinet, @brpierre, @ines.castelot, @yonsx0 & @kerosenetrap

Models for DELUSIONAL III are Louis Plavinet & Loïs Schlieper / Instagram: @louisplavinet & @lois__sch

Models for DELUSIONAL IV are Leïla Sagra, Come Rebaudieres, Inès Castelot & Paul Wable / Instagram: @leisagra, @comerebaudieres, @ines.castelot & @toutsimplementpaul

Models for Want a l!ne, join the l!ne are Théodore Pétridis & Tristan Malengour / Instagram: @charlie_cheri_magnifique_ & @docteursangrado

Models for SMOKE OR EAT are Angela Crotti, Pierre Barbier & Rosalie Dubuisson / Instagram: @angelacrotti, @brpierre & @rosalie_dbsn

The brands and creators used are:

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