AD NAUSEAM! Photography by Ludo Hanton

A KALTBLUT exclusive designer feature. Styling and all fashion by award winning designer Emilie Thirion. Photography by Ludo Hanton. Model is Lukas Gilissen for Flag Models Agency. Stylist Assistant is Lorraine Brabants.

This editorial and collection are a real statement. I want to raise awareness about the depression and therefore open a discussion about it.
Because the feeling of fading away might lead to two options : turn into a sad clown or else end it all. I made the decision to use my face and vision of this situation to illustrate its absurdity. It’s anchored in my mind. The voice comes from inside. I am the sad clown. My face is all over the place. Welcome to my clownesque egotrip.

says Emilie Thirion


Filmed during the Lodz Young Fashion Award 2018

Styling & Design : Emilie Thirion 

Stylist Assistant : Lorraine Brabants 

Photographer : Ludo Hanton

Model : Lukas Gilissen for Flag Models Agency 


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