Adam was reborn

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by João Araújo. The model is Diogo Passuco. Adam is a mystery, he is beautiful, and he is the beginning and the end. Adam is freedom, he is introspection. Adam is born out of “the dust of the ground” and becomes human.

Today, our Adam is different, and yet the same. This Adam of today, born and reborn at every moment, is a creation that mixes all four corners of the world. He introduces sin and consciously takes advantage of it. This Adam of today transgresses, questions, and challenges, because what other way is there to live if that’s the only one he knows? He’s imperfect, and he knows it. And again, he owns that imperfection. Adam doesn’t want to be a perfect man. His wisdom grants him the tools to live happily amidst weakness.

Diogo is my Adam. He brought a gaze of mystery, of searching with no fear, a daring attitude that turned “the dust of the ground” into these photographs. Diogo offers beauty, transports our imagination, and leads us to believe that creation is indeed divine and is ours: we are the creators in every turn we take, and in every decision we make.

To all the Adams out there: keep grabbing that dust and turning it into magic.

Photography by João Araújo / / Instagram:
The model is Diogo Passuco / Instagram: @diogopassuco.artist