Addicted by Julia Chernysheva

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and film. Photography and concept by Julia Chernysheva. Model is Alexey Gridin. Video by Denis Karpenkov. Styling by Olga Moskovenko. Make up and hair by Elena. Set design by Nadia Feogerdinova. Fashion by Dokuchaeva, H&M, TopShop, concept-store hype.kor, Fendi.

This is a story about finding answers to eternal questions:
What am I? Who am I: man or woman?
Am I a beast or a man? Am I human or worthy of more?
Am I normal? Am I human or just furniture?
Is my life an absurd comedy or tragedy?

Ideas & photo: Julia Chernysheva @julia.ch_art
Model: Alexey Gridin @allgrid
Stylist: Olga Moskovenko @froken_helga
Set Stylist: Nadia Feogerdinova @nadi_feogerdinova
Make up and hair: Elena @elena_fizis
Color correction: Anna Stoudenova @stoudenovanna_photographer
Video: Denis Karpenkov @deniskarpenkov