All pronouns. All Love – Levi’s Pride 2021

Created as a love letter to the LGBTQIA community, the Levi’s Pride 2021 collection features a unisex range of classic Levi’s apparel, featuring their new rainbow print inspired by the rainbow flag of the Castro district in San Francisco.

Levi’s has a long history of doing the right thing for its employees and fans by supporting the LGBTQIA community. We are proud to celebrate the LGBTQIA community each year with our Pride collection and by participating in Pride events around the world. It seems very important to us to see people as they want them to be seen. So this year, our goal is to showcase the Pride collection by drawing attention to something you can’t ignore: respect all pronouns,said Jen Sey, President of Levi’s.

For Pride 2021, Levi’s aims to foster empathy and inclusion with an inspiring new Pride collection that celebrates the LGBTQIA community and explores the importance of learning and respecting the proper use of pronouns. Titled “All pronouns. All Love”, this collection is inspired by stories of love, understanding, and optimism.