All Roads Lead to Medallo

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Santiago Guerrero and Juan Diego. Styling by Luis Cadavid using Versatil. “The legacy of the motorcycle culture in Medellin has its origins in the middle of the 80s during the drug trafficking boom in Colombia. The motorcycles were used by young adults and adolescents from the popular neighbourhoods of Medellín, known as communes. These young people were called sicarios, the hired hitmen of landowners of the Cartel of Medellin. Motorcycles were the preferred method of transportation as they were fast and easy to manoeuvre through the streets.”

“Today, fortunately, the situation in the country has changed and the presence of drug trafficking has decreased significantly, however the motorcycle culture continues to be an integral part of life in Medellin.

My work seeks to combine the documentation of fashion within urban culture, which is why I decided to collaborate with the members of the brand Versatil and the native athletes of Medellín Esteban Arango and Baby Stunt. Motorcycles are no longer the symbols of violence of the past, but of personality, style and fearlessness.”

Production by Santiago Guerrero @santy_gg
Photography by Santiago Guerrero @santy_gg
and Juan Diego @juann_gw
Styling by Luis Cadavid @nose__boy
Brand: Versatil @vrstl___