A KALTBLUT exclusive. Armor is the story of two brothers, two warriors that cannot be placed in space and time; the two deeply bound by their blood bond meet the bone of contention that makes their swords cross. The medieval fashion film investigates the new aesthetic with a mold adopted by the entities and brands in the panorama of the current fashion world; different stylistic levels are combined to create the new knight entity.

The excellent work on the mask created by the Make-up Artists allows you to fully enter the aesthetics with a peculiar effect; while the refinement for the creation of the scenography crowns all the work.

Art direction & Styling by Antonio Maria Palese @palese.antonio
Ass. Styling & Art direction Lorenzo Abbadessa @cyb.god
Directed by Amedeo Zanchella @sansdieu
Dop by Francesco Bartoli Avveduti @fbafotografia
Photography by Silvia Violante Rouge @silviaviolanterouge
Set design & scenography by Giulia Zollet  @soloailuig
Mua & Sfx by Greta Giannone @poiccahontas
Ass. Mua & Sfx by Matilde Fumagalli @matilde_fumagalli
Hairs Styling by Giuseppe Parisi @zuzeppe
Starring Gabriel Demaj @gabrieldem_ & Kevin Demj @kevin_demaj
Music by Tommaso Centanni @flux_by_uchia
Grafics by Samuele Pizzolato @samulelelelele
Words by Valnetina Giorno @valentina.giorno & Piper Cusmano @eretica_mente
Voice by Luca Poma @dascabinetdeslucapoma
Voice Mix by Jean @whatifdracula

Mask by HG/LF @hg/lf
Table by Valerio Santarsenio @valeriosantarsenio

Fashion by Amaya, HG/LF, Lorenzo Seghezzi, Pura, Armor Kollective, Crusade, Andrea Grassi, Selenia Spronato, Enrico Tondelli, Marsèll, Costumeria Lariula

@atelieramaya @hg.lf @armor.kollective, @c.rusade @andrea__grassi @seleniaspronato @_aenricotondelli @marsell.official @costumerialariula