Amorelie´s Garden of Pleasure

Last Thursday AMORELIE invited us to the “Garden of Pleasure” at Provocateur Berlin to discover new adventures together. An evening on which there was a lot for the visitors to explore in special “experience rooms”.

A dominatrix and a bondage artist, for example, gave the guests incentives for their (sex) life. In a tarot consultation, the expert gave insights into the erotic and sexual future, and thanks to our tattoo artist, some guests took home a new “lover” who got under their skin.

A “slumber party” feeling was created in the room of the “I’ve Never Been” podcast by AMORELIE. Here they happily snacked, drank and took a closer look at the various sex toys.

Thanks to the incentives in Femtasy’s female audio porn room, the blindfolded guests had the opportunity to imagine new fantasies of sexual pleasure.

all photos by ALINA CHERUBIN