Androgynous Balance! By Dario Cerisano

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Art Direction by Dario Cerisano. Models are Aurora Bacci, Cristiano Naldi and Davide Sodini. All fashion by Andrea Grossi. “For the greek culture, according to Plato’s myth of the “Androgynous”, originally, the first human being ever created was the androgynous, a sort of hybrid in which the opposites were balanced. In the ancients’ ideals, the highest level of beauty was reflected into the figure of the “ephebe”: a not fully grown boy who owned both masculine and feminine traits. Today we are going on separating the two sexes, refusing any possible natural union into one and only entity. In a world in which rigid canons of beauty were fixed to identify masculinity and femininity, “androgynous balance” represents a reflection on the social constriction upon the natural developing of the sexual identity.”

Photography and Art Direction by Dario Cerisano / / Instagram:  @dariocerisano

Clothes by Andrea Grossi / Instagram @fakemaycry

Models are Aurora Bacci / Instagram @aurorabacci – Cristiano Naldi / Instagram @cristiano_naldi – Davide Sodini / Instagram @davide_sodini_