Anoeses: Ukrainian brand of leather, latex and desire to explore yourself

Introducing a Ukrainian brand of leather accessories inspired by intimacy — Anoeses. The brand Anoeses was founded in 2018 in Ukraine, as a result of the creative cooperation of couple Konstantin and Kateryna Savvopulo.

Kostiantyn Savvopulo, one of the founders, says ‘I always loved the beauty of the human body, and I dived into erotic photography. At a particular stage of my life, I got divorced and lost interest in my job. From that period, I’ve learned some essential lessons. One of them – is, to be honest with yourself and your partner. You’d think it’s a simple truth, but in reality, it’s crucial and hard to accept. I wanted to deal with a product that can start a conversation between partners to discover hidden fantasies, for courage, for understanding another self. Having experience in nude photography and an interest in fetish accessories, me and my second wife Kateryna opened a showroom with Ukrainian kink brands. Soon we realized that we are ready to pursue our own vision and fantasies.‘

Anoeses also builds a strong community of like-minded people that value diversity, open communication between partners and self-acceptance. Another project of the brand is an educational platform — Anoeses Education — a safe space to study unique sexuality and a tool for hidden desires to be manifested in reality.

Who are you when you are turned on? Do your thoughts go deep into the darkroom of your fantasy or do you prefer lights on? Are you alone, with your partner or is it a party with the thrill of being completely anonymous? All of us are enthusiastic when it comes to the exploration of our pleasure. But are you brave enough to push your limits? Anoeses will lead you gently. Or intensely – whichever you prefer.

The brand’s name “Anoeses” has derived from the psychological term ‘anoesis’ – the state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content. This definition goes hand in hand with the key notion of fetish culture – the excitement, joy and pleasure, which is rooted in the experience of an object or material. Making high-quality products of leather, latex and mesh textile the brand encourages everyone to discover their inner self and uncover their powerful sexuality. The designers of the brand pay significant attention to aesthetics and functionality.