Another Face by Henriette Ebbesen

Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen is an young artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Henriette is interested in reflections and used reflective surfaces to decompose space and objects within the picture frame in order to create surreal effects in her photographs.

“As human beings, we reflect ourselves and our beliefs in one another. We compare ourselves to each other in search for love, acceptance, and acknowledgement. This makes everyone of us quiet similar and yet very unique, since our personalities have been shaped uniquely depending on our individual experiences with life: Our heritage and cultural norms make up the foundation upon which we are built and our life experiences and relationships to different people continue to shape our personalities by adding bricks to the foundation.

Thus, we can perceive ourselves as individual puzzles consisting of bricks and pieces that form us when all put together: in a biological perspective we were conceived by the fusion of a cell from our mother and a cell from our father that both contained billions of pieces of genetic material from each one of our forefathers. Psychologically our personality consists of different memories and feelings that we have experienced and felt throughout our life. We also tend to show different faces of our personality depending on the setting, the situation, and the people we are with. With other words we are aware that we are being judged extremely fast based on our looks and appearances.

This is an instinctual skill inherited from our forefathers that one time was vital for us when confronting possible enemies. Today the skill is still an advantage to possess when we are able to make an overall impression of a person within seconds only based on few
characteristics. How time consuming would it not be if we had to identify an individual by analyzing every detail they possess before we could categorize them?

Nevertheless, we might be mistaken about the prejudgments we make, because there is
usually more to our personalities and history than that which is exposed at first sight and might only have seen a reflection of their personality at first sight. Of this we must be aware. Therefore I have created a series of photos portraying people showing several faces from several angles. The distortions and reflections are never constructed in Photoshop, but always by working with multiple reflections in mirrors and other reflective surfaces whilst capturing the photographs with the camera. I aim to construct
photographs with a decomposed space in order to confuse and surprise.”


Instagram: @henrietteebbesen