ASYMMETRIX Collection by IA London

IA London’s Autumn-Winter 23 Collection continues to explore its fascination with imperfection, deconstruction, and experimentation. In the collection, 98% of organisms exhibit lateral symmetry but if exposed to any kind of abnormality, they start exhibiting asymmetry. This idea is used to create a representation of asymmetry and chaos in the form of a beautiful equation.

In this collection, bilateral symmetry is corrupted; bold prints feature animal mutations, reformed and abnormal plants, and distorted and dissolving objects. The garments, sometimes recognisable, sometimes unfamiliar respond to asymmetry in both subtle and overt ways.

Experimentation with deconstruction and upcycling – giving a new meaning to existing materials, is a reoccurring theme in IA London collections and was explored in-depth by IA London’s Creative Director Ira Iceberg during her work with students at Cambridge School of Art.

Conceptual continuity is also present in the footwear selection. IA London’s previous bare-feet prints on shoes, featured in the collaboration with Japanese footwear brand Grounds carry on with shoeprints on bare feet – continuing the dialogue of “Body meets dress/Dress meets body”.

Sustainably made in the UK The longevity of the garments is achieved by focusing on their quality. IA London works with carefully selected British digital textile printing specialists to ensure that the deep vibrant colours of the prints will last, enhanced through the uncompromising quality of fabrics and careful quality control. UK production not also ensures the finest quality in the garments but also means a faster orders turnaround time allows on-demand customisation that leads to genuinely unique designs. All garments are carefully tailored in the UK, with particular attention to finishes and details.

Backstage images by Zuzu Valla