B.O.X.E.R. – Happiness for a Dream

The indie-electro trio release their nightmarish video for ‘Happiness for a Dream’. An explosive combination of music, art and style, Anna Maria Nemetz, Jan Ole Jonsson and Carl Jakob are very much part of the fashion world already. Carl is one of the heads of the men’s fashion blog Dandy Diary, and Anna operates worldwide as a model for Lagerfeld, Joop and Givenchy.

In B.O.X.E.R.’s latest video for ‘Happiness for a Dream’ we are invited to “Experience life after death now and have a glimpse of the bardo. Try Arkano Real, directly from Nebula 13. Order now for free delivery.” Yes that’s right, down a delicious looking test tube of brown gloop and experience what can only be explained as a heavy evening of consuming expired Jägermeister and ending up on an industrial estate on the bad side of town. I mean, whatever floats your boat.

‘Have Mercy With The Naked’ free download: soundcloud.com/b-o-x-e-r/have-mercy-with-the-naked-1

‘Happiness for a Dream’ track: soundcloud.com/b-o-x-e-r/happiness-for-a-dream

B.O.X.E.R. by Paul Aidan Perry_-5-3