Ballet dancer! Photography by Pete Lamberto

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Pete Lamberto. Model is Oliver Marcus Starpov. “I have always had a great fascination with dancers; contemporary as well as classically trained. Their passion and intensity that is injected in  the aesthetics and their movement thrills me. Contemporary dance has been my source of inspiration for many of the previous projects I have been  involved in. I had contacted ballet dancer, Oliver Marcus Starpov, a year ago for a portrait and we finally succeeded to find a time that suited both of us.  We met at his second home, The Royal Danish Ballet, where we browsed through the endless corridors with one rehearsal studio after another, until
we landed on this specific one with a certain charisma”.

Photographer: Pete Lamberto
IG: @whoislamberto

Model: Oliver Marcus Starpov
IG: @allmyfriendsaresuperheroes