Bedroom Tennis

Introducing designer Sanna Patrick. Photography by Elena Goi. The models are Malwina Szawiola and Garvin Ochieng. Make up by Olga Slobodianyk. The location is My Finds. “Bedroom Tennis is the manifestation of the Spherical Human philosophy, the moment we are complete and fused with our partner. In this collection, we merge this story with elements from tennis. The outcome is a sensual, playful appearance.”

“The Spherical Human Philosophy by Plato deals with love, attraction relationships and sexuality – Bedroom Tennis. It is the idea that, at the beginning of mankind, we were spherical beings. Perfect self-sufficient units. It describes why we fall in love, and why we long for proximity. Because: When people, due to their perfectly spherical shape, became too powerful, the gods split them into two halves. Since then they have been looking – we are looking – for our other half and hoping to be able to form a sphere again. Sportive elements are combined with delicate materials. Precious, pre-loved fabrics tell a story and create unique garments.”

The “NeverEnding Collection”:

“This is the initiation of our Never Ending Collection, a set of garments, to which we will constantly add new designs. It is a collection made of precious, pre-loved fabrics – table cloth, bed sheets, cushion covers, small crocheted coasters – from which we create unique garments. We give new life to these materials, adding to their already-lived story.

The Spherical Human Philosophy by Plato, a constant source of inspiration for our work, is a never-ending story as well. It is the idea that humans were once spherical beings with two heads, four arms and four legs. Perfect self-sufficient units. When people, due to their perfectly spherical shape, became too powerful, the gods split them into two halves. To become whole, humans need to find their lost other half. As long as humanity exists, we will fall in love, we will be longing to find our other half and to be able to form a sphere again.

The philosophy encourages compassion and acceptance – towards each human being, as well as our environment. This collection seeks to inspire tolerance and responsibility for a world in which everyone is treated with respect.”

Photography by Elena Goi / Instagram:
Models are Malwina Szawiola / Instagram: @lavendeermilk
and Garvin Ochieng / Instagram: @garvinvibes
Make up by Olga Slobodianyk / Instagram: @vidanova_makeup
Photography Assistants are Viktoria Motte / Instagram: @viktoria.m.fotografie
and Laurin Wüst / Instagram: @laurinwst
Assistant is Lukas Hildisch / Instagram: @bube_04_
The location is My Finds. / / Instagram:
Garments by SANNA PATRICK / / Instagram: @sanna.patrick