Belle 2 jour

A KALTBLUT exclusive. French photographer Sébastien Navosad and Spanish drag-queen Kika Super Puta have paired up to create “Belle 2 jour”, a colourful and queer photographic adaptation of “Belle de Jour” the 1967 French-Italian movie by Spanish director Luis Buñuel starring French icon Catherine Deneuve.

In her own twisted and silly way, and with the support of Sébastien Navosad’s photographs, Kika Super Puta incarnates Séverine Sérizy, a married stay-at-home Parisian bourgeoise who prostitutes herself in the afternoons in a luxury brothel where she is known as Belle de Jour (a flower that only blossoms during the day). While this double life is a source of permanent conflict with herself, it also allows her to secretly explore her wildest fantasies.

Meryl Streep might have stolen everything from Kika Super Puta – as the witty and hilarious Barcelona drag queen demonstrates in her one-human shows – but the time has come for her to take her revenge and to rise and shine as the fast-rising star she is.

Photography by Sébastien Navosad @sebastien_nvsd
Talent: Kika Super Puta @kika.super.puta
Concept & Subtitles: Sébastien Navosad & Kika Super Puta @sebastien_nvsd & @kika.super.puta
Graphic design & Assistance: Diogo Rosa @diogo.oliveira.rosa