BOB! Photography by Roxana Neacsu

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature. Photography by Roxana Neacsu. Model is Bob David signed at Attitude Models. Styling by Mircea Marian. Roxana Neacsu is a 22-year young photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. She graduated from The Faculty of Journalism and now she is studying for a master degree in Multimedia production and audio-visual. She is addicted to photography, to people’s faces & bodies and to natural and obscured lights, equally. In joy, she loves watching movies; in sorrow, she loves writing poems. Hope you enjoy her kind of vision!

Photography by Roxana Neacsu / Instagram: @cocoroxie
Model is Bob David signed at Attitude Models Agency / Instagram: @bob__david + @attitudemodels Styling by Mircea Marian / Instagram: @mircea_marianx