bola – Bajer Ola. chain. collection 2023

The new bola collection is a subjective response to current trends, the fashionable motif of the chain appears, but its links instead of the classic shape, are a letter B with the brand’s logo.

‘my’ chain symbolizes a sequence of events, mutually related situations, a series of closely spaced events which connect and intertwine to form a whole. Just like everyday life with my creative work, with my BOLA brand – everything is connected, everything also gets tangled sometimes, and even breaks… like a chain in graphics.

The chain once entwines the entire figure, other times it appears centrally, e.g. on a t-shirt, the new collection includes suits in a simple, minimalist shape, dresses with ruffles, transparent blouses, and classic bomber jackets.

In this collection, there are new printing techniques such as 3D printing and full-plane printing made on 100% cotton from Polish producers. The collection includes additions and accessories such as a water bottle bag, scarves, socks with a chain motif, or original jewellery which combines iridescent steel with a hologram shimmer with silver elements, which are single chain links, i.e. the letter ‘B’.

The premiere of the collection is connected with the opening of the BOLA brand studio and showroom in Warsaw’s Praga district, which is why I decided to conduct a photo session in this space.

During the session, a video by Emilia Gumańska, known as Okiem Emiko, was created, which, together with the music of Katarzyna’s – Thirdeyedimension producer, visually completes the image of the collection.