Boredom to The Basement, I Could Have Been a Dancer

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Olivia Ezechukwu. Model is Rifke Sadleir. Designer and Styling by Chantelle Lucyl.

“I am a British-Nigerian photographer based in London whose work explores themes of nostalgia, intimacy and youth. I spent three months living in Berlin assisting a fashion photographer and taking pictures of my mundane, everyday experiences. Since returning I have become further immersed in shooting fashion but I still love to shoot every day and portraits as I am interested in capturing a genuine moment and the beauty of routine life

My collaboration with Chantelle Lucyl came about during lockdown when Chantelle launched a series of interactive performative pieces to engage within the bedroom. Boredom to the Basement, I Could’ve Been a Dancer is a series of images that explore the emotion and mundanity of waiting, hoping and dreaming of the “what if’s” and the “when’s” -with a sexual undertone. The images draw on the elements and forms of classic dancing like ballet to highlight the interactive and flexible nature of Lucyl’s pieces. This is contrasted by the derelict and bleak setting of a disused building. It was shot on 35mm film, a medium I predominantly work with as I like the nostalgic aesthetic and uncertainty that comes with it.”

Photography by Olivia Ezechukwu / / Instagram: @oliviachuk
Designer and Styling by Chantelle Lucyl / / Instagram: @chantellelucyl
Model is Rifke Sadleir / Instagram:
Photo Assistant Emilie Risi / Instagram: @emilierisi