A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative and Art direction, production by Federica Bertorelli. Photography by Lucía Sánchez, Paula Sanz and Nolan Carranza. Models are Adrian Casani, Carina Hasenpusch and Victoria Cardoso. Make up by María Lorain. Styling and Postproduction by Lara Ontiveros.

BOSCO PROJECT was born out of a deep need for artistic complicity that would show different artists perspective of the same concept. Taking inspiration from two scenes that appear on triptychs (The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Adoration Of The Magi) by iconic artist Hieronymus Bosch. A modernized take on the divine and holy characters he represents turning them into just as holy but not so well behaved, cheeky characters, with the idea that heaven could be a place for the underdogs and that Jesus himself would’ve loved a little bit of misbehaving, ultimately getting to the premise that heaven has always been a place for sinners.

Marketeer-turned-stylist Lara Ontiveros styles a shoot inspired in The Garden of Earthly Delights following the direction of Federica Bertorelli and featuring the work of three different photographers providing their very unique points of view on the topic.

Creative and Art direction, production by Federica Bertorelli / Instagram: @fede_bertorelli
assisted by Lola Hill / Instagram: @lola.hill
Photography by Lucía Sánchez / Instagram: @luleym
Paula Sanz / Instagram: @bysanz
and Nolan Carranza / Instagram:
assisted by Silvia Martín Manzano / Instagram: @mood.picture
Models are Adrian Casani / Instagram: @adrian.casani
Carina Hasenpusch / Instagram: @carina.hasenpusch
Victoria Cardoso / Instagram: @mentiras_de_jarabe
Make up by María Lorain / Instagram: @_marialorain_
assisted by María Pozuelo / Instagram: @bylamari_
Styling and Postproduction by Lara Ontiveros / Instagram: @lara_ontiveros_
assisted by Atenea Martínez / Instagram: @ateneamartinezmolina

Special thanks to Marta Garrote / Instagram: @marta_garrote and Alejandra Ramos Cabrera / Instagram: @alermsc

Brands used are:
ATECÉ @ateneamartinezmolina @cesarmartinezcordero / Andrés Sardá @andres.sarda / Diázar @diazar_atelier / A Hug @ahug_official / Herno @herno_official / D the Brand @d_the_brand / RGV Madrid @rgvmadrid / Fátima Miñana @fatima.minana / House of Hedra @houseofhedra @massroom.comunicacion / Custo Barcelona @custobarcelona @xxlcomunicacion / D’la Riva Complementos @delarivacomplementos / Herno @herno_official / Camper @camper @ttarragopr / Reveligion @reveligion @temece_showroom / Leandra Bags @leandra_bags / Marlo Studio @mmarlostudio / Lausett @lausett