Carla Campos Spring / Summer 2018 – HUMAN – AM I REAL?

#OneToWatch from Sangue Novo at ModaLisboa. May I introduce you to my favorite collection from the Sangue Novo section of the fashion fest in Lisbon? Designer Carla Campos, born in 1992,unveiled a stunning menswear collection. A perspective about the emotional spectrum of Being Human. A self-portrait together with a vision about society to emphasize the importance of feeling. Being, in a mechanized, numb and masked world. Where the genuine sinks, and ‘perfection’ overlaps ‘human failures’. “Human” takes shape in a male collection influenced by the essence of streetwear / sportwear of urban tribes in 90’s. The oversized shapes and zippers are the key details, an analogy to the openness vs. emotional concealment that we have before others. Together with the printed photograph, which expresses 6 emotional moods.


Carla Campos studied journalism, but the passion for the fashion world was stronger. Carla finished her Fashion Design graduation, in Modatex Lisbon, in 2016, but has been working in the textile industry for 7 years.

Photos: Ugo Camera